Ronit Ray

Kolkata, India · (+91) 72782 50969 ·

Presently a student on the lookout for any opportunity to widen my horizons. Quick learner, forever willing to adapt and ready to take up any challenge in CS-related fields.

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University of Engineering and Management, Kolkata

Bachelor of Technology
Computer Science and Engineering

CGPA 9.39 after 5 semesters

List of subjects undertaken.

August 2015 - July 2019

St. James' School, Kolkata

ISC (12th)
Science with Computer Science Elective

Aggregate: 83.66%

Batch of 2015

St. James' School, Kolkata

ICSE (10th)
Science with Computer Applications Elective

Aggregate: 94.66%

Batch of 2013


Summer Intern (Business Intelligence)

Tech Mahindra Ltd, Kolkata

Data Warehousing applications on the Oracle suite for billing support for a major telecom provider.

Completion Certificate

June - August 2017

Summer Intern (Web Development)

Elogix Software Pvt. Ltd, Kolkata

Front end development with HTML/CSS/Bootstrap, handling MySQL-based databases and Jasper Reports with Jaspersoft iReport.

Completion Certificate

June 2016

Skills and Interests

Programming Languages & Tools

Certifications for various skills can be found here.

Career Interests

  • Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science & Analytics
  • Cyber-Security
  • Blockchain Development and Research
  • Web Development


The majority of my work is available online on my Github and ResearchGate pages.

My major projects include

  • A Bitwise Symmetric Cryptosystem that also Implements Parallelism (see publications)
  • A Java Implementation of the Ant Colony Optimization metaheuristic to solve the Traveling Salesman Problem
  • A Movie Ticket Booking System on Django
  • A number of basic webpages and Java apps for Wikipedia lookups, Weather apps and the like.


The following three papers were presented in the The 7th IEEE Annual Ubiquitous Computing, Electronics & Mobile Communication Conference, UEMCON-2016 held at Columbia University, New York City and are available on IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

Full text is also available on my ResearchGate profile.

RASS: A Concurrency-Based Bitwise Symmetric Key Cryptographic Algorithm

Cryptography, Network Security
Lead Researcher and Author

The security and strength of any cryptosystem's encryption depend on the difficulty, both in terms of time and technique, of cracking the message. This paper suggests a bit cipher, a symmetric key cryptographic algorithm which provides bit-level security with linear time complexity and robust security (two 16 bit keys), and uses optimal time compared to other such ciphers by implementing concurrency through multithreading.

January-June 2016

Segmentation-Based Image Compression

Image Processing
Research Assistant, Co-Author

In this paper, a procedure for segmentation-based image compression is suggested. Two types of segmentation techniques are used, namely threshold and region growing algorithms, and JPEG is applied to obtain the final compressed result, which provides better ratios compared to standalone compression algorithms.

July-September 2016

Hindu-Arabic Character Recognition Using Mathematical Morphology

Image Processing
Research Assistant, Co-Author

Presentation of a novel decision tree-based method to improve the ability of hand written character recognition using mathematical morphology. For this paper, classification of hand written digits is done into two groups: one with blob and another without blob. This paper proposes the recognition of digits using certain features that can distinguish one digit from the other.

July-September 2016

Achievements and Positions of Responsibility

  • Received Award for Academic Excellence from University of Engineering and Management Kolkata in 2015.
  • Member of Organizing, Technical, and Website & Graphic Design Committees, 4th IEEE International Conference on Opto-Electronics and Applied Optics- Optronix 2017.
  • Member of Organizing Committee, Event Host- UReckon 2018, annual techfest, UEM Kolkata.
  • Member of Online Reputation Management Team, UEM Kolkata.
  • UEM Basketball First Team, 2016.
  • School Website Team, Creative Director for several Fests and Events, Quiz, Basketball, Debate in English and Hindi, Elocution in English and Hindi, Writing, Design and Editorial for School Magazines and Journals.

Current Pursuits

  • The Complete Python 3 Course- Beginner to Advanced, with 10 projects- Udemy.
  • How to Use Git and Github- Udacity.
  • Machine Learning Crash Course- Google Developers
  • Coursera Deep Learning Specialization,
  • Deep Learning and Neural Networks Tutorials,


I picked up my first full-length novel (Roald Dahl’s “The BFG”) when I was five, and have been reading ever since. I now read whatever I can get my hands on, primarily on my Kindle Paperwhite, and have recently found refuge in science fiction and fantasy. My favourite authors include Brandon Sanderson, Isaac Asimov, Carl Sagan, and Rick Riordan. You can find me on my Goodreads account, where I try to keep tabs on what I’m presently reading.

Mainstream media too has been a major draw for me, as an only child. I’m into comic books (The Flash being my absolute favourite), movies, TV shows as far as the eye can see, art, and documentaries. I’m also a huge fan of indie-folk and progressive rock music. I've also always been curious and opinionated, so quizzing and debating have been hobbies since my school days. I spend my time reading up on every topic under the sun, and trying as hard as I can to make it as a functioning adult in a challenging world.